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​Special Education Department

The Ridgeway Crystal Beach High School Special Education Team is committed to supporting all students in a variety of ways.  We pride ourselves in advocating for all students, identified or not, that may need a helping hand.  As part of the ISSST (In-School Student Success Team) we work closely with Guidance, Student Success and Administration to ensure that students are supported.

Special Education Resource Teachers

Resource staff will communicate important information to subject-specific teachers regarding identified students.  A Resource Teacher will update the Individual Education Plan (IEP) which lists accommodations that are put in place in order to help support these students in class.  Special Education Teachers also provide support directly to students, either through a scheduled Resource Period or drop-ins based on student, parent or teacher requests.  The Resource Room is available as a quiet place to work or write a test during class time.  Resource Teachers are available to work one-on-one with students and computers are available for completing work or as assisstive technology for students with specific needs.  Students can also complete work during lunch in the Success Club which operates every Tuesday to Thursday in the Resource Room.

Gifted students are encouraged to accept academic challenges, develop leadership, problem solving and critical thinking skills.  They are encouraged to involve themselves in enrichment activities offered through the subject departments (examples:  Math Contests, English Writing Contest, School Reach).  GET INVOLVED!!!

Students that are interested in helping fellow students may also see the Guidance department for a peer tutor position.  

Feel Free to contact us!  

Mrr. Leanne Briggs:  Leanne.Briggs@dsbn.org
Mr. David Harrington:  David.Harrington@dsbn.org

Here is a link to the DSBN Special Education website:  DSBN Spec. Ed.