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Scholarship and Bursary Information

There are several sources available to look for scholarships and bursaries:

1 The District School Board of Niagara website:

  DSBN website

  • click on Student and then click on Scholarships/Awards

  • There will be a listing of scholarships available for all Grade 12 students to apply to.  See if you qualify by clicking on the link and check the criteria.  Make sure you include all of the required documents.

There are NO limits of how many you can apply to.
Ask Mr Connor or Mrs Carthew if you need help!

2 Sign up for the following free websites:

These websites are designed to email you with possible scholarships that you would qualify for based on the information you put in.

3 Check out the RCBHS guidance twitter page 

  • Mr. W. Connor will post all the local scholarships/bursaries that come across his desk.


4 Check out the SCHOLARSHIP/BURSARY website of the school(s) that you will be applying to. There are also many opportunities for students to apply and get help financing their education.
Here is the eInfo scholarships page


When you have confirmed which school/program you will be taking, remember to apply to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (O.S.A.P.). Click OSAP to apply.

You will need a Social Insurance Number and the tax information from the previous year.


Search up all possible categories that could fit youyour course, the school you're applying to, your heritage, where your parents / guardians work and so on........