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Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning Activities are activities that take place outside the classroom. It gives the students the opportunity to explore, observe, participate and reflect on a variety of sector specific experiences and careers.

Earth Day Fairs

In conjunction with Friends of Fort Erie Creeks, RCBHS has hosted 2 Earth Day Fairs. In the past 2 years over 20 businesses and community organizations have interacted with RCBHS Students. The Town of Fort Erie, Department of Fisheries and Oceans have made presentations to students regarding Beaver Creek restoration and other environmental matters within the town. 

Niagara Envirothon

In the past 2 school years RCBHS students have also participated in the Niagara Envirothon. To complete in this competition, students must study information on Forestry, Aquatics, Soils and Wildlife. The students then must combine their knowledge on these 4 subject areas to solve a problem based on real life situations. This year the students came third in their presentation of the solution. 

Niagara Recycling, Enviro-Centre

RCBHS students have toured the Niagara Recycling Centre, witnessing first hand the recycllng process that occurs to divert waste from landfills.