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Badminton                                                Season: Spring 

     Badminton is a lively and amusing co-ed sport that begins in February and allows any student an opportunity to participate to do so.  Students should be in proper physical educational attire to participate, including proper footwear and eye-wear.  The varsity team is selected in March or early April for the Zone III interschool competition.

     The Badminton club is open to both boys and girls, from grades 9 to 12 regardless of their level of ability.  Dates and times will be established depending on the number of interested participants.

Midget Badminton - 2015-16

Midget Badminton Team - 2015 - 2016

Junior Badminton - 2015-16

Junior Badminton Team - 2015 - 2016

Senior Badminton - 2015-16

Senior Badminton Team - 2015 - 2016