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 Acting Program Leader
: Mrs. P. Schinkel

What makes English at RCBHS unique?
The English department at RCBHS is dedicated to challenging kids to read and write better than ever before. In every English classroom at RCBHS, you are given self-selected reading time almost daily and are expected to increase the level and volume of self-selected reading as you progress through high school. On top of regular self-selected texts, we have a variety of core texts that will push students to new heights. We pride ourselves on blending the classics with modern texts to provide students with a breadth of experiences while at RCBHS. You will even read graphic novels as part of your high school experience. But, reading is not all we do. In order to prepare the best writers and communicators possible, we have an intensive writing and oral communication focus in all courses that challenges students to write and speak clearer, with better diction, with a variety of punctuation, and with voice. By the end of high school, our students can mold words to craft meaning like no other student body out there, preparing them to be informed and thoughtful communicators in a perpetually connected world.

Check out some of our commonly used websites:

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Meet our English Teachers:

Ms. S Berger
Ms. BowmanLisa.Bowman@dsbn.org
Mr. CockburnDavid.Cockburn@dsbn.org
Mr. ShaubelGreg.Shaubel@dsbn.org; Mr. Shaubel's Website
Ms. SchinkelPaula.Schinkel@dsbn.org