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Program Leader: Mr. G. Shaubel

Ridgeway Crystal Beach High School Geography Teachers: Mr. C. Reid, Ms. P. Schinkel

Our daily lives are interwoven with geography. Each of us lives in a unique place

and in constant interaction with our surroundings. Geographic knowledge and skills 
are essential for us to understand the activities and patterns of our lives and the lives 
of others. Geography is about determining the significance of “place” as it relates to the natural 
environment, the human environment, and interactions within and between them. To 
investigate geographic issues, students must analyse the influences and interrelationships 
that give a place its distinctive characteristics and thus its spatial importance.

Picture 1: Grade 9 GPS course & snow-shoeing @ Woodend Conservation Area
Picture 2: CGF3M History of the Niagara Escarpment @ Woodend Conservation Area
Picture 3: CGF3M River study @ Beaver Creek
Picture 4: SHSM Map & Compass training with WSC Survival School Instructor David Arama
Picture 5: CGF3M Post Glacier Study at Short Hills Provincial Park
Picture 6: CGR4M wetland study 

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